Music Licensing

Our Licensing Options

We have several ways you can procure music or lyrics from our catalog, learn the various options below.

Synchronization Licensing

Our most common license granted is a synchronization license. A ‘synch’ or ‘sync’ license is any license granted for a song used in a film, film trailer, video game, television commercial, web video etc. In short, music set to any moving image across multiple mediums. For more information, see our FAQ page.

Mechanical License

Warner Chappell also grants mechanical licenses for songs we represent. The difference between a synchronization licensing request and a mechanical requests is simple: a synch request deals with any song to be used with a visual medium (a video game, film trailer, television advertisement) whereas a mechanical license is for licensing of audio only–songs for a recorded medium (a CD compilation or deluxe digital edition/re-issue package, etc.).

Master License

A master license refers to the recorded side of music (not publishing), and is typically handled by the record label who released the track and holds the master rights to the song. Warner Chappell now handles the masters for Rhino records on the master side in addition to continuing to represent publishing for our over a million copyrights. To find out what songs we can clear both master and publishing on from the Rhino catalog, get in touch with our sync department.

Print License

Want to use a famous song lyric we represent in a book or magazine? That’s an example of a print license, which is any license that is not set to moving images/not using the recorded music portion of the song, just the lyrical element. Sheet music also falls under our print license. Our partner for standard print licensing and sheet music is Alfred Music.